USB Flash Drives

All the standard models (more than 150 units) of USB Flash Drive With logo that you will find on this website are available in multiple finishes and capacities produced in our factory in China. In each product sheet you will find information on dimensions, materials, colors, customization techniques and capacities of your choice.

In the top drop-down menu “Memories” you will find the categories in which all our promotional USBs are grouped. Thus, if what you are looking for are card-format pen drives (flat, thin and with a large customization surface), go to “USB cards” to see our entire range of pen drives of this type. A model of great acceptance, among other activities, for teaching professionals: schools, institutes, universities and teaching academies.

The category “Thematic USB sticks” groups several subcategories, in which we collect those models that are most suitable for specific uses. There you can find our recommendations for specific sectors of activity (such as photography studios, for example). Also those most common references used as gifts at weddings. If you need personalized USB flash drives without a minimum order commitment, you will find in this category our section “Cheap Pendrives for few units”.

Looking for flash drives with novel designs? Within “Original USB Flash Drives” you can choose from our latest catalog news. And if you still do not find what you are looking for, our division for the design and manufacture of pendrives with fully customized shapes will allow you to make your own creation come true and translate your idea into USB sticks with 2D and 3D shapes.

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