Metal USB flash Drives

These personalized Metal USB Flash Drive are designed in our China Factory of USB Metal Flash Drives and they are very elegant since their casing is made of metallic materials, generally aluminum, which makes them very resistant to shocks and accidents and light in weight. In addition, their finish is very fine and elegant, which makes them corporate flash drives to be used as a promotional gift in high-level companies or those who want to convey an image of “high stading”.

Also in these models of personalized metal usb keys, the marking can be done with laser, leaving your logo embedded in the usb memory in a fine and elegant way. One of the best-selling models in this category is that of personalized key-shaped usb memory sticks, since its attractive design and the possibility of being placed on any key ring make it a very modern model that customers like very much. Our recommendation, the custom usb metal key.

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