In our factory we offer all our customers the possibility of manufacturing a customized USB Memory in 2D and 3D. From a logo or design we can create your private model with the best materials used for these models. Our company is a specialist in the manufacture of Custom Pendrives with worldwide shipments.

Pendrive PVC 3D Personalizado fabrica china

Pendrive PVC 3D Personalizado fabrica china


Send the information of the Custom USB Flash Drive you want to create in 2d or 3d and we reply you within 24 hours with the best price:

Custom USB Flash Drive

Custom USB Flash Drive In 2D and 3D

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The manufacturing process starts from the moment the client contacts us and explains his idea or sends us the logo or the sketch that he wants us to do. When the information has been sent to us, we carry out a free digital test in 2D or 3D depending on the model to be manufactured. Tradimark Limited creates its own manufacturing molds and can have the physical sample for approval in just three days. The manufacturing process is as follows:

PVC USB Factory China

PVC USB Factory China

Creation of a sketch or digital proof of the 2D or 3D model

This first step is one of the most important since it is the creation of the design to be manufactured. From the moment the design is presented to the client until it is confirmed, all necessary modifications can be made until the client accepts this test. The manufacturing mold will be taken out of the confirmed design and the final product will remain the same as this design.

Mold creation in 2D or 3D

Once the sketch is confirmed, we start up with the manufacture of the mold that will make the 3D Custom Pendrives model in our factory in China. In this mold the colors to be used in these models are injected. Depending on the units that have been ordered we have to make one or more molds to finish the order faster within the deadlines offered.

Once all the units have been manufactured, we let everything dry until the product is ready to be sent to all our customers. The following video shows you the manufacturing process of all custom USB flash drives

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