Chinese Manufacturers and Wholesalers of USB Flash drives

You are in the right place to find wholesale USB flash drives. We have a wide variety of devices available, whether you are looking for the best prices as well as the best quality and results.


If you are looking to buy large quantities, we are your best ally. Well, you will find the products that best meet your expectations. Each of them have the best delivery times; fast and safe. If you are looking to buy large quantities, we are your best ally. Well, you will find the products that best meet your expectations. Each of them have the best delivery times; fast and safe.

We have for wholesale a wide variety of USB memory models, which have different capacities according to your choice. Likewise, we offer the customization service, through mass printing in different methods and colors. Which results in a key piece when distributing company promotional content.

Due to the capacity that these devices currently have. Well, they offer their clients, employees, users and consumers the opportunity to take catalogs and videos with them. In addition, audio, images, documents, presentations and all kinds of content and digital information that they require.


We are proud to offer a large selection of advertising flash drives. In our offer you can find all kinds of USB flash drives, which meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

We offer you original pen drives, metal pen drives, USB pens, power banks and more.


Customer satisfaction is most important for us. So we will always do our best to execute the order as soon as possible.

Offering the lowest prices on the market. So, if you cannot find the equivalent of the expectations, or the information is exhaustive, you can contact the employees of our office. Our managers will help you choose a satisfactory product and provide you with the information you require. You can communicate with them in any of four languages: English and Spanish.

Production We differentiate ourselves by having the best production, variety, design and technology, we offer great quality, the most competitive prices and excellent service.

USB flash drives

We have USB memory in any form, on request. We offer USB sticks made of metal, plastic, PVC and wood. We have a memory range that starts from 2 GB to 64 GB, even more.

Metal USB flash drives

We have our catalog of metal USB flash drives, being one of the most popular in our collection. Well, they have an original, exclusive design with the elegance that characterizes it. They are made of aluminum and compact in size, it is ideal for the office.

Plastic USB Flash Drives

We have attractive and economical personalized plastic USB memory that can be printed with your company’s brand on both sides, made of plastic.

Personalized USB flash drives

We have personalized USB flash drives, using PVC material with the design of your logo or image that represents your business and/or company. It can be personalized on one or both sides, with simple and easy shapes.

In other words, they become true pieces of art that reflect products, distinctive brands or very elaborate logos.

Wooden or ecological USB flash drives

Our catalog of wooden or ecological USB flash drives are ideal for those clients or companies that want to convey respect for the environment. Also, those who want to associate their brand with sustainability since the material used has no harmful effects.

It is an easy material to apply all kinds of marking techniques. They can be personalized with pad printing or laser. Surprise your customers with elegant and unique USB devices.

Personalization Methods

We put at your disposal our different marking techniques according to the type of USB memory you choose, highlighting screen printing, pad printing, digital canon, laser or the personalization of pen drives with full color resin. All this so that you achieve the impression you want to convey.

We accompany you in whatever you need, so that you can enjoy a completely satisfactory shopping experience here and now.

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