About Us

About Us

Tradimark Limited is a company based in Hong Kong dedicated to the sale of Electronics products for customers around the world, covering an international market. Our company is specialized in the sale of electronics such as personalized Pendrives with logo, Power Banks and Wireless chargers and also Video cards with exclusive design for companies. All our manufacturers have quality certificates such as ROSH or FCC in which we can see the quality controls that pass all our products.

Our electronics factory is composed of several production lines where all operators are concerned to check that the products work properly:

Fabrica Pendrives China Tradimark

Tradimark Limited is committed to all its customers that all products pass an exhaustive quality control before being sent and all our products have a production and shipping time of less than a week from the order confirmation. If you are interested in being a distributor of our products, all you have to do is contact us by sending an email to info@tradimark.hk or by calling our telephone number + 852 8193 0158

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