Led USB Flash Drives

Custom LED USB flash drives have become a hot item in tech gadgets. Thanks to this characteristic that makes them a striking and easily identifiable accessory among the rest of the objects that are in the nearby connections, they represent a type of merchandising for daily use that both customers and employees will appreciate.

USB Flash drives with LED light are available in a wide variety of models, with one very prominent: the illuminated logo. Without a doubt, this is one of the preferred choices since it not only incorporates the aforementioned feature but also will always remember the brand for how attractive it is. We encourage you to consult the entire section, find the one that best fits your next advertising campaign and we will take care of putting your logo on it and sending it to you. If we classify promotional USB sticks with light, we can find two types of models. First, there are those more conventional devices that have an LED at one end, lighting up the moment they are plugged into the corresponding computer and being protected by a glass or plastic casing. Second, there are those that have an illuminated logo. These are the most recommended in order to make a much more striking promotional gift that allows the person to remember the brand. This concept has been transferred to other gifts such as pens.

Laser engraving will be the technique par excellence that is advisable for flash drives with LEDs with a logo. This technique allows the design to be incorporated into the surface of the accessory but, in addition, it differs from other alternatives such as pad printing or screen printing due to the final finish (more elegant and simple) and its durability (being more difficult to damage). Likewise, this is the one that is available for USB flash drives with an illuminated logo, since it is the one that allows the internal light of the device to highlight the image that is engraved on its body.

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