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Swivel USB Flash Memory Drive

The Twister USB flash drive is the best selling USB drive of all time. There is no cap to lose, its convenient, durable and best of all economical for any budget!.

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    The Twister USB Drive is one of our most popular and cheapest memory sticks available today! The Twister USB contains an aluminium clip which you can easily swivel, making it impossible to lose the lid – it is simply suitable for everyone! Memory sizes start at 128Mb and range up to a massive 64Gb. You can have up to 4 spot colours printed on either one or both sides and data upload up to 400Mb and over is also available to everyone. Attached to the swivelling aluminium clip is an eyelet which makes the USB Drive easily attachable to our USB accessories. This USB Drive is also available for you to Pantone match the shell to your company’s collaborative colours if you would like to go that extra mile in order to outshine your competitors.

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