Basic USB Flash Drive With Logo

Capsule USB Flash Drive 2.0

Capsule USB Flash Drive 2.0

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PVC / metal personalized USB flash drive. Translucent PVC housing available in various basic colors (can be produced under your own corporate color code; service subject to request for minimum units, contact us). Metallic plate covering it. Careful design, with one of its smooth sides and the other curved. On this curved side there is an LED light that lights up when the USB stick is in use. It has a hook at one of its ends, in which a metal key ring, metal ball chain, mini lanyard or mobile cord can optionally be incorporated. An ideal complement to USB flash drives are lanyards (neck strap), which give your brand more visibility by printing your logo along the strap. You can find several types of lanyard in our specific section of merchandising and general promotional gifts.

It is delivered by default in an individual polybag (plastic bag with adhesive closure), or in a cardboard box. But without a doubt our recommendation is to further enhance the set using any of the packaging models that you will find in our packaging section.

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128MB, 16GB, 1GB, 256MB, 2GB, 32GB, 4GB, 512MB, 64GB, 8GB


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