Pendrive Bride Doll

Services included to distributors:

  1. Digital proof with the distributor’s logo on the template
  2. Full color front printing.
  3. Content recording up to 2GB capacity. (Photographs or videos)
  4. Customization of names and icon on the computer disk
  5. Free basic cardboard box.
  6. FREE dropshipping direct shipping to your client with your return address.

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Original retro pendrive bride doll for wedding gift. This model can be personalized with the colors that your client chooses from only 50 units. We can change the color in the factory, for example of the hair or the jacket.

If your client is looking for a practical and original gift, this is the most functional that we have in our section since they will use it every day.

We personalize the computer disk for FREE with the names and a ring of the bride and groom so that when you connect they can be seen directly on any computer that uses Windows.

If your client wants to deliver data inside the Wedding Pendrive, we record this information for free in our factory up to 2GB of capacity.

All our models come with a basic white presentation box so that the bride and groom can deliver the detail.

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