USB Memory Flash Drives 3.0

A custom printed USB flash drive 3.0 is a tech gift that anyone will love! Hand our custom branded USB 3.0 sticks at tradeshows and conventions, load them with your catalogues, sales brochures and presentations. Select the model of the USB memory drives you want, then pick a color and memory size (from 8GB-128GB). A very useful gift for any company, as everyone loves a good USB flash drive 3.0.

The version 3.0 Promotional USB Flash Drives are the fastest in our catalog and are aimed at all customers looking for a Pendrive with an ultra fast chip.

In our China Pendrives 3.0 factory we have all the latest models and novelties to be personalized with a full color or laser logo.

China Factory of Fast USB Flash Drive 3.0

Manufacturers of the Fastest USB 3.0 Drives on the Market

Swivel USB Flash Memory Drive 3.0

Swivel USB Flash Memory Drive 3.0

Swivel USB Flash Memory Drive 3.0

Swivel USB Flash Memory Drive 3.0
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Square Wood 3.0

Square Wood 3.0

Square Wood 3.0

Square Wood 3.0
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our USB Flash Drives 3.0

What models of Custom USB 3.0 are available in your factory?

Most of the Pendrives 3.0 have a different chip and for this we have to adapt the housings to this type of chip. Almost all the models used for the other versions are available for this version.

On our website we have a wide catalog of Pendrives 3.0 where you can choose the models that best suit the needs of your company.

What capacity do you offer for the USB version 3.0 models?

Unlike the previous version, these USB 3.0 are available from 8GB to 128GB that we can offer you for advertising USB Flash Drivers.

If higher capacities are needed, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department so that we can always offer those that we have available in our factory.

What is the minimum order for your Promotional USB Flash Drives 3.0 with logo?

Not all minimum orders are the same for the models we offer in our factory. Depending on which one you choose, we can offer you a minimum of 50 units for most of our products.

If you need fewer units, you can contact us to offer the models that we have in stock and thus try to serve the order.

Does your China factory sell Pendrives 3.0 without printing?

All advertising USB 3.0 can be personalized with the logo that the client sends us, but we also sell these models without printing any type of logo.

Most of our customers want a Pendrive to promote their business using our full color or laser logo printing service.

¿Qué diferencia hay entre los Pendrives personalizados de la versión 2.0 y la versión 3.0?

La diferencia principal entre estas dos versiones de Pendrives es la velocidad de transmisión que sería de lectura y escritura. Los Pendrives 3.0 son más veloces que la versión anterior, alcanzando una velocidad de 5 Gb/s y superando con crees el tiempo de copiar archivos.

Estos modelos de Pendrives Publicitarios 3.0 están totalmente recomendados para aquellos profesionales que necesiten entregar archivos grandes ya que ahorraran tiempo realizando las copias.

¿Cómo podemos saber que un USB Personalizado es 3.0?

La forma más fácil de diferenciar entre las dos versiones es simplemente comprobando el chip del Pendrive. Si su Pendrive es versión 3.0 el chip será de color azul. De lo contrario si el USB es de versión 2.0 tendrá el color negro.

Otro modelo de saberlo sería descargando el software USB Device Tree Viewer y una vez instalado conecte el Pendrive y este software le dirá si es un Pendrive 3.0 o no.

Advantages of Buying USB Flash Drives and Pendrives 3.0 in Our Chinese Factory


Buying Advertising USB Flash Drives 3.0 from manufacturers in China will always have the following advantages:

Production and Shipping Times: When you buy the Pendrives 3.0 directly from the manufacturer in China, the times of receipt of the order are always shortened since it does not have to go through any intermediary and therefore it reaches the buyer before. Our factory has agreements with the main shipping companies in the world such as DHL or UPS so that we can always offer you the cheapest prices.

Price: Buying directly from manufacturers you will always save a significant amount of money. If we calculate the commission that intermediaries increase in the sale of Custom USB, we can see the difference in the cost that we are offered to buy this product directly from the supplier or manufacturer in China. If the order is for many units, the sum of the added serial percentage is very high and what you save.

Promotion: Promotional USB Flash Drives 3.0 are a perfect gift for your customers. In our factory we help you create your promotion by printing the personalized logo on the Pendrive. We offer you to copy the catalog of your organization or company totally free up to 2GB with the permanent data copy method so that it cannot be deleted if required.

Guaranteed Quality: Our factory only sells branded Chips 3.0 guaranteeing the quality and functionality of the product we sell. Before shipment to the customer, we carry out several tests to verify that the 3.0 chips are working correctly and we offer a 2-year warranty on all our products.

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