Pendrives Eco Reciclados


The ecological USB sticks Recicle are made of environmentally friendly materials, such as wood, cork or bamboo, and will associate your brand with the idea of ​​sustainability and respect for the environment. Both concepts are a requirement today for all business activities.

In addition, they are materials that lend themselves to all kinds of marking techniques. Silkscreen or pad printing techniques offer an optimal result for color logos (those with a smooth surface are even capable of being marked in full color, including gradient effects and the like). But without a doubt, natural wood is the surface where laser engraving (or CO2 laser “burned”) produces the best results: sober, elegant, durable. Highly recommended also for the customization of cork pendrives.

These personalized USB sticks are the perfect advertisement for your company, and also as a gift for weddings and any other type of event.

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