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External batteries as a corporate gift Similarly we produce in our Power Bank with logo factory in china, the Power Banks in our online store are quite practical because they offer the possibility of charging other types of devices through a USB cable, such as Smartphones, GPS, tablets and speakers, etc. They also have a great quality guarantee and can be fully customized.

And it is that at Pongomilogo we specialize in the sale of Power Banks and personalized external batteries that your company can use as gifts and/or advertising products, so that you can be sure of offering your public practical and quality items.

To ensure this we usually work together with the main manufacturers in the market, which gives us the opportunity to guarantee the quality of each of the Power Banks that are within our collection. Likewise, it should be noted that within the variety of external batteries offered by our online store, we have Power Banks that range from 1200mAh to 8000mAh and by offering the possibility of customizing them, we offer various printing techniques (laser, digital printing and screen printing, etc. .) which manage to adjust perfectly to all kinds of slogans or corporate and advertising design that you want to capture. What are you waiting for? Go to Pongomilogo to find personalized Power Banks and external batteries with which you can really surprise your customers, by offering a promotional item that, in addition to advertising your company, is also very useful for them. And it is that in addition to helping the brand build loyalty, it will also allow you to capture the attention of new potential customers and improve your visibility within the market, apart from receiving other benefits.

Hurry up and acquire the personalized Power Banks with your company’s logo at very low prices and completely ready to be used within a promotional campaign that can achieve the expected success. We send from our china factory to the whole world.

Custom Power Bank

Custom Power Bank

Card Power Bank

Card Power Bank

Use our personalized Power Banks to reach your audience

If the target audience of your company consists of people who do not usually stop for a minute between calls, social networks and emails, who are constantly going from there to here, then Pongomilogo’s Power Banks and external batteries are the most promotional gift ideal that you can find to surprise them in the best possible way.

And it is because they are really useful advertising items, all those customers who receive them will be extremely grateful and will always keep your brand in their mind, giving it priority over the competition.

Thanks to your company they will have the opportunity to use their electronic devices continuously without having to worry about running out of battery, being able to use them both at home and at work or anywhere else.

So we invite you to hurry up and anticipate the needs of your target audience by giving them personalized Power Banks as a corporate gift, as it will undoubtedly be a detail that will strengthen the company-customer relationship.

Personalize your advertising external batteries with your logo

Visiting Pongomilogo your company will be able to find a wide range of customizable Power Banks and external batteries among which you will have the opportunity to choose the product that best fits the values ​​of your brand, so that you can transmit them clearly and directly.

In our online store we have models that range from the simplest to the most elaborate and even some that stand out for being ecological and that can be charged through sunlight.

We also have batteries that include adapters specially designed for the car, which are an ideal gift for those who usually spend a long period of time on the roads.

There is no doubt that at Pongomilogo we have Power Banks and promotional external batteries that adapt to all kinds of tastes and/or needs, so you can be sure of finding the right model, you just have to choose it and inform us about the design you want. engrave, our team will take care of personalizing it with the best printing techniques to offer the expected results.

We work with screen printing, laser and many other marking techniques, so that you can obtain an optimal and original final result regardless of the type of design you want to capture.

In the same way, when you personalize and purchase your Power Banks in our factory in china Tradimark, you are guaranteed to obtain promotional gifts of excellent quality, for a very affordable price.

More Than Custom Wireless Batteries

Wireless batteries allow you to charge any brand of mobile as long as they have this technology, which is currently the majority. If you want to go further and surprise even more in your promotional marketing campaign, you can decide on a speaker with wireless charging or a wireless charger with a photo frame.

Once the model that best suits the needs of your company has been chosen, we print your logo in the best quality so that your brand is always present wherever the product is used.

Frequently asked questions about custom China Factory power banks for companies

China factory custom power bank logo

What kind of personalized power bank will I find in Tradimark?

We have many models of external batteries to customize with your logo. Powerbanks of various capacities (from 1,200 mAh to 10,000 mAh); with the traditional shape of an elongated cube or with more original shapes; with the sole use of charging the mobile or with other functionalities such as a flashlight, key ring or loudspeaker; cordless or corded batteries; with different cable entries. Of all sizes and colors and finishes, so you can find the powerbank you need based on your goals.

What material are personalized power banks that I will find in Tradimark?

External batteries to charge electronic devices are the order of the day and that is why they are made of all kinds of materials. More environmentally friendly, such as bamboo or wheat; and other lighter ones, made of aluminum; and other plastic of all kinds.

Why buy personalized power banks for companies?

Because personalized power banks are the perfect gift to make your brand stand out: they are super useful, they are used on a daily basis as a complement to the mobile; they can be reused infinite times and there are many models, so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Do you sell personalized power banks for individuals?

Yes, there is no problem in customizing external batteries for individuals as long as it is taken into account that there is a minimum quantity that must be met and that it varies according to the product.

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